The purpose of these General Conditions is the purchase of products and services, carried out remotely via the Internet on the site, belonging to Norac di Luca Caron - Via Verdi 25 - 36065 Mussolente - Vicenza - Italy, tax code and VAT number. : 04205350244.

1) Acceptance of the general conditions of sale.
1.1) The contract stipulated between Norac and the Customer must be considered concluded with the acceptance, even if only partial, of the order by Norac according to the procedures described in points 2.2, 3.1, 3.2. By placing an order in the various ways provided, the Customer declares that he has read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure and fully accepts the general conditions and payment conditions described below.
1.2) If the customer is a consumer (i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity), once the online purchase procedure is completed, will print or save an electronic copy and in any case keep these general conditions of sale, in accordance with the provisions of art. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/1999 on distance selling.
1.3) Any right of the Customer to damages or compensation is excluded, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, caused by the non-acceptance or non-fulfilment, even partial, of an order.

2) Purchasing methods:
2.1) The customer may only order the products present in Norac's electronic catalogue at the time of placing the order and viewable online at the address (URL), as described in the relative information sheets. It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but may differ in colour, size and accessories in the picture.
2.2) Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Norac by means of an e-mail reply sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The reply is generated automatically by the system and cannot be considered in itself as acceptance of the order, but only confirmation of receipt of the same.
2.3) This confirmation message will contain the date and time of execution of the order and a 'Customer Order Number', to be used in any further communication with Norac. The message contains all the data entered by the customer, who undertakes to verify the correctness and promptly communicate any corrections, according to the procedures described in this document. The order confirmation is sent at the same time as the shipment for non-registered customers.

3) Order Status:
3.1) The status of the order can be viewed only by registered customers in the "My orders" section of the site There are three statuses which can be viewed, and they identify the three possible statuses of the order:
- 'Paypal Payment Authorised: Indicates that the Paypal payment has been correctly managed by Paypal and already received.
- "Awaiting Payment": is the status generated when you choose to pay with "Bank Transfer" or "Postepay", once received will be updated to "Order Shipped".
- 'Order in Processing': your order is about to be prepared for shipment or some items are missing for the complete shipment, in this case you will be notified immediately.
- 'Order Shipped': this is the status that certifies that the order has been shipped.

4 Methods of payment:
4.1 ) Cash on delivery: payment in cash (banknotes) upon delivery. Maximum amount € 1000 including VAT. Only available for deliveries in Italy. Payment by cash on delivery has an additional cost.
4.2 ) Bank transfer: to be sent only after our order confirmation e-mail.
4.3 ) Credit card/Paypal: to be completed when the order is sent.
At the discretion of Norac or in the event that the amount of the order is greater than € 1000 (including VAT) or for items produced to measure or on the specific instructions of the customer, Norac reserves the right to request advance payment for the supply requested, to be paid in advance exclusively by bank transfer.

5 Methods of delivery:
5. 1) Norac accepts orders with delivery all over the world using express couriers selected according to the destination.
5.2) For each order placed Norac applies the provisions of:
art. 22 of Presidential Decree 633/1972, on the basis of which there is no obligation to issue an invoice, unless expressly requested by the customer no later than the time of placing the order;
art. 2 of Presidential Decree 696/1996 regarding exemption from the issue of a receipt or fiscal receipt foreseen for the sale of material goods through indirect e-commerce.
5.3) Delivery costs are charged to the Customer and are explicitly highlighted at the time the order is placed. The payment of the goods by the Customer will be made using the method chosen at the time of the order. Nothing is due by the Customer in addition to the total order unless otherwise agreed and confirmed by the Customer (eg addition of products to the order).
5.4) Norac cannot be held responsible for delays in the execution of the order or in the delivery of the goods ordered.
5.5) Unless explicitly indicated by our Customer Service, delivery is intended at street level. Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:
The number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the accompanying document
The identity and quality of the products, possibly indicated on the packaging, correspond to that indicated in the accompanying document.
The mismatch in the number of packages or indications, as well as the loss or damage, must be immediately contested to the carrier, the goods, if withdrawn, must be withdrawn "subject to" written; Once signed the document of the courier, the customer can not make any objection about the external characteristics of what was delivered.
If you withdraw the material at our store in Mussolente at the time of withdrawal you can check with the manager the accuracy and integrity of the products before payment.

6) Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refunds
6.1) The customer may cancel the order until the same has been shipped, after which it may, after receiving and possibly paid (payment on delivery), withdraw in the manner prescribed by law.
6.2) All distance purchases made by telephone or mail, since they take place outside of business premises, are subject to Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999 which provides for the possibility for the purchaser to exercise the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal applies to final consumers who are natural persons acting for purposes that can be considered unrelated to his business (those who buy for non-professional purposes, ie without VAT). It does not apply to professional consumers (those who buy for professional purposes, i.e. with VAT number).
6.3) The right of withdrawal applies to all products unused and packaged as in the original. It does not apply in the case of supply of goods made to measure or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
6.4) The will to withdraw, according to the law, must be communicated by registered letter with return receipt within 10 days of purchase. In order to offer a faster service Norac accepts communications of withdrawal also sent by e-mail. Before shipping we ask you to contact us in any case to obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorisation) number, necessary for the return. Send the products to be returned in their original packaging, writing the RMA number on the package, our address is Norac - Via Verdi 25 - 36065 Mussolente - Vicenza - Italy. Enclose a copy of the invoice and a communication from you indicating the products and quantities being returned, the bank details for the bank transfer (ABI - CAB - Current Account of the invoice holder), and if the current account holder is different, also enclose an authorisation from you and the account holder.
6.5) Return shipments without a copy of the communication of the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal, or in any case without a copy of the invoice or RMA number on the package will not be accepted by Norac Warehouse. COD shipments or shipments at our expense will not be accepted. The consumer is responsible for the direct costs of returning the goods to the sender. If the consumer requests that Norac take care of the return shipment, Norac has the right to accept or refuse such an assignment. If Norac accepts such an assignment, it cannot be held responsible for the risks deriving from the shipment (unless the consumer requests optional insurance coverage for a fee). The cost of return shipment even in the case in which it is handled by Norac is borne by the consumer, is approximately equal to twice the cost of the original shipment, for a more precise quote we invite you to request a written estimate.
6.6) Norac, if the procedure indicated above is carried out correctly, will provide in the shortest possible time (maximum 30 working days from receipt of the goods) to credit the Customer with the amount paid in the invoice, excluding shipping costs (art. 5, paragraph 6, Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999), in the case of shipments returning from foreign countries outside the EU, any customs duties due for the return shall be considered the responsibility of the consumer. Refunds of orders for which the payment method chosen is cash on delivery or bank transfer are made only by bank transfer, refunds of orders for which the payment method chosen is credit card or paypal are made only by reversing the payment on the card or paypal account. We invite Customers not to use expiring credit cards.
6.7) In premium operations (the so-called promotions), in which the purchase of a good is combined with another good that is sold at a derisory price or given away as a gift, the right of withdrawal may be legitimately exercised with the return of both goods purchased, given the constraint of the accessory nature of the good in the promotion compared to the first. In the case of promotions that include two or more goods and for which the promotion and therefore the particular price or the particular discount applied exist because of a combined purchase, the right of withdrawal is exercised on all the goods covered by the promotion.
6.8) Refunds of orders for which the payment method chosen is cash on delivery or bank transfer are made only by bank transfer, refunds of orders for which the payment method chosen is credit card or paypal are made only by transferring the payment to the card or from the paypal account. We invite Customers not to use expiring credit cards.
6.9) In the event that the goods for which the customer requests a return were ordered or made specifically for the customer, Norac may retain part of the amount paid by the purchaser.

7) Privacy:
See dedicated section

8) Guarantee:
8.1) All products sold by Norac are covered by the manufacturer's conventional guarantee and by the 24-month guarantee for conformity defects, in accordance with DL 24/02. In order to benefit from assistance under warranty, the Customer must keep the order confirmation received by email.
8.2) The manufacturer's conventional warranty is provided according to the procedures illustrated on the website or in the documentation present inside the product packaging. If, following intervention by an Authorised Service Centre, the manufacturer or Norac, the defect should prove not to be covered by the manufacturer's conventional guarantee, the customer will be charged for any costs of verification and restoration, as well as transport costs, if incurred by Norac.
8.3) The 24-month guarantee pursuant to DL 24/02 applies to products which present a conformity defect, provided that the product itself is used correctly, in compliance with its intended use and as provided for in the technical documentation enclosed. This guarantee is reserved for the private consumer (an individual who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or makes the purchase without indicating a VAT number on the order form). In the event of a lack of conformity, Norac shall, without charge to the Customer, restore the conformity of the product by repair/replacement or reduction of the price, up to the termination of the contract. If, following intervention by an Authorized Service Center, the Producer or Norac the defect does not result as a conformity defect in accordance with DL 24/02, the Customer will be charged for any costs of verification and restoration as well as transport costs if incurred by Norac.
8.4) Replacement in the case of DOA (Dead On Arrival: product not working on delivery) occurs only if expressly provided for by the producer. The time required to replace or repair the product depends exclusively on the manufacturer's policies.
8.5) In the event that, for any reason, Norac is not able to return a product under guarantee (repaired or replaced) to its customer, Norac may proceed at its own discretion to refund the full amount paid or replace it with a product of equal or superior characteristics.
8.6) No damages may be requested from Norac for any delays in carrying out repairs or replacements.
8.7) In cases where the application of the guarantees requires the product to be returned, Norac must be contacted by telephone and an operator will provide all the necessary information. At the time of the call you must have available the fiscal document of purchase (invoice, receipt, guarantee certificate) issued by Norac. Norac reserves the right not to provide a warranty for the product or motorcycle without the relevant fiscal purchase document or warranty certificate. The operator will provide an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to be affixed to the outside of the package used for the return. Shipments without the RMA number on the package will not be accepted by the Norac warehouse. The goods must be returned by the customer in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc. ...); to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend inserting it in a second box or in the packaging used for the outward shipment; in all cases the affixing of labels or adhesive tape directly on the original product packaging must be avoided.
8.8) Any work carried out by personnel not authorised by Norac will immediately invalidate the guarantee.
8.9) Intervention under warranty does not affect the duration of the product's warranty period.
8.10) The guarantee shall not be valid in cases where the failure of the product is caused by improper use, incorrect installation, service, maintenance or repairs carried out by technicians not authorised by Norac.

9) Homologation
9.1) With the exception of products defined in the description with the terms "homologated" and/or "street legal", the products sold by Norac are not homologated for use on roads open to the public, they are intended solely for use in sports events on tracks or closed circuits as well as fairs or exhibitions. Homologation is limited to countries belonging to the European Union.

10.1) INFORMATION ON THIS SITE: We try to keep this site updated as much as possible. But due to the very nature of the products and the continuous efforts of the manufacturers to achieve higher and higher quality standards, we cannot guarantee that the information and images are those that truly and best describe the products. Although the prices, descriptions, images, applications and in any case all the information on this site is correct, it may contain errors, inaccuracies, publication errors and may be updated and upgraded at any time without Norac being held responsible for this.
10.2) Norac cannot be held responsible towards any person for particular, indirect or consequential damages, delays, loss of earnings, connected with this material. The applications of each product are suggested by the individual manufacturers, we do not guarantee the correspondence with the original spare parts. Riding a motorcycle can be a source of danger for oneself and for others, Norac can never be held responsible for direct or indirect damage, accidents, injuries, deaths or anything else occurring by using the products sold on this site. The use of products not intended for use on the road may be considered a crime, liable to a fine, arrest or in any case prosecutable by the laws of the country in which it is used; Norac disapproves of the use of products not intended for use on the road outside of sporting events, tracks, closed circuits as well as fairs or exhibitions.
Applicable law
10.3) The sales contract between the customer and Norac is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law. For the solution of civil and criminal disputes arising from the conclusion of this distance sales contract, if the Customer is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference court of his town of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Court of Vicenza.